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Using mailchimp and setting up lists so you can make sure ALL your valued customers and subscribers keep up to date. All scheduled automatically behind the scenes while there is no interruption or extra time needed on your end.

Email Marketing for Vets

What is the first thing you look at after waking up? For most people, it’s a smartphone. Text messages, social media posts and email set the tone for the day. Veterinarians use email marketing to ensure that their brand is part of their clients’ routine.

If you think that all email advertisements end up in the spam folder, you’d be surprised. Email marketing, when done correctly, has one of the highest conversion rates of any marketing strategy.

Veterinarians use email marketing to communicate important pet safety information, appointment reminders and recommendations for responsible pet owners.

How does email marketing work for veterinarians?

Email marketing needs to be personalized in order to be effective. Different recipients will need different things. Filling your patients’ inboxes will irrelevant information is a surefire way to alienate them. The goal is to add value to the pet ownership experience.

The first step is acquiring the email addresses of your current and future patients. You probably already have

the email address for your current patients. We’ll help you connect with future patients via our digital marketing efforts.

Once you have an email list, it’s time to start segmenting them into categories that can be used to direct the right messages to the right recipients without blowing up their inboxes.

Our automated email marketing tools help veterinarians create email marketing campaigns that can run in

the background as they attend to their patients. Campaigns can even adapt based on responses from patients – presenting them with information that is increasingly relevant to them with each message.

Increase Follow-Up Care with Custom Email Marketing

When a patient leaves your veterinary practice, what gets them to return? We all love our pets, but keeping up with immunizations, physicals and preventative care can easily fall off the bottom of a to-do list.

Email marketing is highly effective at alerting pet owners when it’s time for a follow-up. You can also send an alert if there are local health threats to specific animal populations in your community.

Email Marketing Promotions for Vets

Pet care can be expensive. If you have a few openings in your office schedule, why not offer a discount to pet owners whose animals are due for a check-up? This can be a great way to show your long-term patients that you value their patronage, while filling up space in your treatment calendar.

This is also an opportunity to remind existing patients of routine care required for keeping their pet(s) healthy. And if there are new health threats in your community, your message can remind pet owners of treatment and prevention options.

Email Marketing is an effective tool for veterinarians that want to grow their practice. Get in touch with our experienced veterinary marketing team to get started!

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