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Our focused marketing model will lead your customer journey towards the purchase of a product or service.

From initial contact to end sale and all after service provided based on your marketing adjectives

Funnel Marketing for Veterinary Practices

Funnel marketing is a strategy that we use to help engage a variety of clients that can use your veterinary services. Different patients will have different needs and interests. Just like a funnel, our digital marketing strategies for vets start with digital assets that have a broad appeal. Then, as the patient engages with your content, we provide a path for them to follow that narrowly focuses in on what they are most interested in.

This sophisticated, multi-part approach to digital marketing allows us to maximize engagement with your veterinary site – ensuring every marketing dollar produces real results in growing your practice

What is funnel marketing?

Take a moment to think about the digital journey you embark on every time you make a major purchasing decision. You probably start by googling the problem you need to solve. For example, your patient might type: “my golden retriever has less energy”. The pet owner doesn’t know what’s wrong, but they do have a problem that’s bothering them.

At this stage, the patient does not feel informed enough to make a purchasing decision. They will read a variety of articles online about why their golden retriever has less energy. For this example, we would want to ensure we have a few blog posts, or even a landing page dedicated to helping pet owners understand why their pets may be a bit lethargic.

As the patient progresses through the information on your veterinary website, our goal is to direct them towards a call-to-action (CTA). In this instance, we’d recommend they bring their pet into your veterinary practice for an exam. We’d offer them an appointment online, or give your practice a call.

Building Awareness with Funnel Marketing

In the above example the patient already knew their pet had a problem. But what if the pet owner didn’t realize that their golden retriever needed veterinary treatment? How do you market your veterinary practice to patients that don’t yet realize they need your services?

Boosters for immunizations or annual check-ups could be examples where the patient doesn’t realize they need your veterinary services. Life is hectic. They probably don’t realize that it’s been more than a year since their last check-up. And if they recently moved to your community, they might not even realize that your veterinary practice is conveniently located to provide ongoing animal health services.

The broadest point in the marketing funnel is when we build awareness about the services your patients need. At this stage, the patient isn’t typing a problem into google. They don’t even realize there is a problem.

At this stage we use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, email marketing campaigns and other paid advertising opportunities to get the message in front of the consumers that need to learn about the services you offer. The goal is to build awareness in your local market around the solutions your veterinary practice offers.


Funnel marketing for veterinary practices isn’t rocket science, but it takes experience to fine-tune your digital presence and optimize your veterinary website.

Let us get to work building a funnel marketing strategy that’s personalized for the needs of your practice.

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