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Google's online advertising platform is where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings It is a sure way to get traffic to your site!

Marketing with Google AdWords

Veterinarians can use Google Adverts to quickly get their message in front of pet owners that need their help. Google is the world’s most popular search engine. The information their platform collects about individual users is powerful. Skilled marketers can use Google’s data to quickly connect with local patients that need veterinary services.

Targeted Advertising with Google AdWords

Have you ever noticed how advertisement campaigns seem to follow you wherever you travel on the web? The brilliance of Google AdWords is that their platform is plugged into the vast majority of websites. This means that as you travel around the web, Google does their best to keep up with you – serving up ads that they believe are relevant.

We leverage the Google AdWords platform to quickly connect vets with patients in their area - at the exact moment they are ready to make a care decision for their pet. VETSEO has extensive experience identifying the online attributes of your ideal client.

A single Google AdWords campaign can reach hundreds of potential clients across thousands of sites.

How much will my veterinary practice’s Google AdWords campaign cost?

Before we launch a Google AdWords campaign for your website, we take time to sit down and cover a variety of strategies we can use to help generate new business for your practice. This will include the cost of pursuing different digital marketing opportunities for your practice.

The cost of a veterinary Google AdWords campaign can vary dramatically. It’s important to understand how Google determines the cost of a campaign on their network.

Google charges a fee based on the number of clicks (engagements) that an ad receives. This is called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The cost-per-click (CPC) is how much Google charges when someone engages with the ad online.

So, how much will it cost when someone clicks on an ad that takes them to your veterinary website? There are many, many variables that impact the cost of getting your ad in front of the right patient at the right time.

Some of the variables that impact the cost of a Google AdWords campaign include:

  • The number of veterinary services competing to score new patients online in your local area. The more competitive your market, the more expensive Google AdWords campaigns become.

  • The quality of the landing page that Google is sending patients to when they click your ad. Google rewards high-quality ad campaigns with preferred placement – this is why we leverage Google AdWords as part of a more wholistic digital advertising approach.

  • The location where the advertisement will be displayed.


Because the cost of a specific ad is variable, advertisers place bids.

For example, if we tell Google that you are willing to pay $2.00 if someone clicks your ad, Google then compares this with other bids in real-time. This is done for every ad on every site in their network, in real-time.

Hiring a Google AdWords Expert for Your Veterinary Practice is Important

A simple mistake in the wording of your ad, the content of the landing page or the bid amount can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your marketing budget. VETSEO has a team of experienced AdWord campaign managers with a track-record of success helping vets secure new patients online.

Schedule your free Google AdWords consultation today.

We look forward to helping you improve the health and safety of the pets in your area.



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