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We will hit your audience and their contacts using real time and scheduled posts to advertise your business and services across facebook, instagram and your other social networks of choice.

Social Marketing for Veterinary Practices

How many times a day do you find yourself staring at social media feeds on your phone, tablet or computer? Teens are spending up to 9 hours a day on social media platforms. And adults aren’t far behind. Veterinary practices use social media marketing to reach their clients while they’re engaged on social media.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter spend a ton of time and resources trying to better understand the wants and desires of their users. The information that they collect can be used by marketers to target their marketing campaigns.

Social Marketing is Local and Effective

Take a moment to think about all the information you voluntarily give over to social media networks. When you post or upload a photo, metadata is collected from your phone, tablet or computer. This information tells the social network where you are located, along with a ton of other data that social media networks find useful.

All this information helps marketers target clients in and around your local area. And that’s a big deal. One of the biggest challenges in marketing a veterinary practice effectively is ensuring that your message lands in front of clients that can easily travel to your practice. Even the best veterinary ad is ineffective if it’s presented to someone hundreds of miles away.

The audience targeting options that social media provides are accurate and powerful.

Social Media Marketing Allows for Targeting Based on Interests

When you choose to like, share and post on social media, you’re communicating what is important to you. Marketers can leverage these insights to serve up ads that speak to those interests. In fact, sites like Facebook claim that they can predict if a relationship will last between two people.

How do they do it? They compile an in-depth profile based on the thousands of interactions you’ve had on the platform. Then they compare your profile with the other person. It might sound creepy, but it’s a powerful tool for marketing your veterinary services.

Our team understands how to leverage all the information social media collects in order to get your clients in the door. We can help target your ad to appear in the news feeds of clients that are most interested in your services – whether they realize it or not.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Does your veterinary practice have pages or profiles on all the major social media platforms? Are they enhanced so that patients can easily find and interact with you on social media? Are you monitoring your social media accounts, or are you leaving potential patients hanging?

Study after study show that tech-savvy customers prefer to receive help using social media and text or instant messaging. They would rather not pick up the phone and call you.

When someone asks a question on social media about the services you offer, are you there to answer? Does your profile even show up?

Don’t worry. Most veterinary practices are too busy providing care and attention to their patients. Social media is something we can take off your plate. We’ll learn everything we need to know about your practice, and help you curate an engaging, positive presence on social media.

Schedule a free social media marketing consultation for your veterinary practice today! We won’t bite. Could your last patient say that?

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