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Get your webpage noticed with our in house graphic design team that keeps up to date with the latest stylings.

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Veterinary Website Landing Pages

Veterinary practices need a web presence in order to attract new customers. Landing pages are a fundamental part of your website. They are built to immediately service the needs of the reader, based on how and why they arrived at your vet website.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a section of your website that is custom-tailored for a specific audience. If we’re doing our job correctly, this is the first page a visitor will see when they click on your advertisement.

Before we develop your landing page, we try to put ourselves in your client’s shoes. We also analyze online traffic and a variety of digital trends. Our goal is to understand the how, why and when behind your future patient’s visit to your veterinary website.

Using Landing Pages to Outline Your Pet Services

In addition to serving as a starting point for visits to your website, we also use landing pages to empower site visitors to guide themselves to the information that is most relevant to them. For example, we might dedicate specific landing pages to your various service categories – Boarding, Dental Care, Diagnostics, Emergency Services, etc..

As a patient browses your website, they’ll be presented with a better picture of the services you offer. They may see services they didn’t realize their pet needed. This helps establish your veterinary practice as an all-in-one solution for pet owners in your local community.

Keyword Optimized Landing Pages for Vet Websites

Landing pages can also serve as a tool for generating organic traffic to your veterinary website. When we do our keyword research – helping us to understand what your patients are searching for online – we’ll craft a strategy that involves landing pages custom-tailored to answer the questions your patients are searching for answers to.

A properly configured landing page can serve as a magnet that attracts patients in need of specific pet services. Much of our time is spent crafting paths between where your clients are (online), and the best section of your website designed to meet their needs. But, if your site’s landing pages are incorrectly configured, you may see a drop in conversion (site visitors that turn into clients).

What should a strong landing page include?

Strong landing pages are focused on a specific area of your veterinary practice. The focus should be on a product or service that is needed in your community. The goal is to quickly answer the question that your site visitor has. Once you’ve answered their question, a call-to-action (CTA) will encourage them to schedule a consultation at your veterinary clinic.Our team of experienced landing page developers can craft a web presence that encourages new patients to make your clinic their first and last call when they need help with their pets.

Give us a call today so that we can help your practice make a bigger impact on the animals in the communities you serve.


Get your website noticed using our in house 

graphic design team.

Beautiful Websites for Veterinary Practices

When your patients visit your veterinary website, what’s their initial impression? Does it look like your website was developed in a word processor, or is it dynamic and engaging? Beautiful veterinary websites are eye-catching and informative. This is important because it forms the initial impression for patients that discover your practice online.

Dynamic Web Design for Veterinarians

The old school way of designing websites involves throwing a bit of HTML code together, along with some visible text and images. The web is evolving at a ferocious pace. This means that web standards for designing websites are changing as well. And the ways that your patients search for information online are evolving as well.

We specialize in designing and marketing dynamic websites for veterinary practices. What is a dynamic website?

A dynamic website is capable of adapting to the device that your patient is using to visit your website. This is important because the majority of website visits (across the entire web) are from mobile devices. If your website fails to adjust to the size and aspect ratio of a mobile screen, you’re going to lose out on potential patients.

Beautiful Websites Strategically Balance Images, Video and Text

Powerful imagery can draw visitors in. A picture really can be worth a thousand words. But it needs to be positioned appropriately. For example, if you position an image at the top of your site and require visitors to scroll down in order to find the text that answers their questions, you’re going to take a hit in conversions. Visitors to a website want to quickly find information. Forcing them to scroll around and search is a bad idea, no matter how compelling the image is.

Another trend in beautiful web design is the inclusion of videos. In fact, videos are now one of the most preferred methods for learning about information online. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix are great examples.

If your site provides helpful videos for your audience, you’ll experience an increase in site engagement. And if your videos feature some of your team members answering popular questions, you’ll immediately position your local team as experts in the field of veterinary medicine

Some examples where we’ve used video to amp engagement include:

  • Video testimonials from satisfied patients.

  • Short videos explaining the basics of veterinary care (usually a series).

  • Homepage background videos that feature images of your veterinary clinic and team members.

Websites that are Beautiful both on the Inside and Out

Beautiful website design goes beyond what your patients see when they visit your site. Sure, the colors in your template and the layout are important. But a beautiful website that isn’t optimized for search engines will still perform poorly.

We specialize in creating stunning websites that speak to visitors and search engines. When Google crawls (analyzes) your website, we include all of the site elements they need to see behind the scenes to help your webpages show up in Google’s search results.

Contact us for a free SEO website analysis on your current website or get a quote for a beautiful website of your own.

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